About us

NAMAKOOL is a young and vibrant company that provide good quality branded products. We strive to achieve the highest level of " CUSTOMER SATISFACTION" possible.

Namakool handpicks clothes for users based on their body type, budget and style preferences….I thought luxury brands and paying more for clothes would be the key to my external transformation but that strategy did not seem to help…

That’s when I asked myself, “If I don’t need to be a geek to buy a laptop, then why should I know about fashion to buy clothing?”

Our cutting edge E-commerce platform, highly experienced buying team, provides customer with:

  • Broader selection of products

  • Superior buying experience

  • On-time delivery of products

  • Quick resolution of any concerns


We focus on the madness of today’s youngsters and intend to sell a product live based on their body type , economical  and style preferences.

Our fashion defines the free spirit of the NEXT GENERATION.

Live like "Every day is a fashion show and the world is your runway" so WEAR NAMAKOOL , BE NAMAKOOL AND STAY NAMAKOOL FOREVER.